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Managing Pregnancy after Infertility

Managing a successful pregnancy after infertility IS different and we want you to feel supported, heard and respected. 

I am Pregnant

after an infertility journey

I am a healthcare professional

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Pregnant after a battle with Infertility?

Support from someone who’s been there & wants changes in care given

Becoming pregnant at long last is a true joy, that’s for sure. Yet, when it comes after a battle with infertility – it’s different. And often, it’s really quite scary.

You’re in a particularly unique situation that not everyone will understand – and you’ll inevitably need some very specific support.

That’s why I’m here.

Not only am I an infertility advocate, postpartum doula, speaker and qualified health care professional (see more in About PAIF)– but I’ve been where you are.

I struggled my way through my own infertility battle, before becoming a mum of two beautiful children.

Now, it’s time to help you, so you can thrive throughout your pregnancy and hold that beautiful bouncing baby in your arms, in no time at all.