Pregnancy After Infertility

A guide to what’s different and what’s next.

About The Book

Falling pregnant after a battle with infertility is a time to celebrate. Yet, when you’ve been infertile, things are very different. You might have extra health concerns and screening to face, and it’s likely that you’ll be a little more worried about your unborn baby’s health.

There’s every chance that you and your baby will be just fine, but your experiences will be unique. And while your pregnancy after infertility may be quite unique, you’re so not alone.

I’ve been where you are, and now, after triumphing over infertility, I’m a two-time mum with two beautiful children.

I wrote this book to share my hard-won experience and the research findings from experts in this field. My prior medical background sure came in handy. And now, my mission is to improve the care that expectant mothers and babies, before and after birth.

Learning from other’s experiences can help you to understand what your are currently feeling and what to expect during pregnancy and beyond.

You’ll receive loving guidance to support you through your pregnancy journey. And discover practical tools and strategies to help you handle the unique challenges that pregnancy after infertility can bring. Helping you not just to survive but thrive during this exciting time. 


      • Practical tools to give you the strength you need when faced with challenges.
      • The confidence to ask the tough questions at specialist medical appointments.
      • A birthing plan that caters to both safety and your own desires.
      • Reassurance that you’re not alone.

      What’s inside


      Chapter 01

      Why Me? The Infertility Lottery


      Chapter 03

      Breast Respect


      Chapter 05

      Sex, Drugs, And Rook n Roll


      Chapter 07

      Baby Bliss


      Chapter 09

      Heading Home… A Whole New World


      Chapter 02

      It Takes a Village to Support a New Mother


      Chapter 04

      Mama Bliss


      Chapter 06

      The Miracle of Birth


      Chapter 08



      Chapter 10

      The CoCo Effect

      Chapter 1: Why Me? The Infertility Lottery
      Infertility causes
      Now, please don’t think that having been on the contraceptive pill, which is a synthetic
      hormone, not natural to the body is the only reason why some women suffer infertility. I can’t
      guarantee that it is or is not! However, as Jeff Butterworth says, ‘the women’s body is sensitive
      in so many ways’, and it was not necessarily designed to cope with today’s lifestyle.
      Infertility can result from a cocktail of any of the following: genetics, medications, mineral
      deficiencies, exposure to high levels of stress, ingestion of simple sugars, processed foods,
      alcohol, cigarette smoke, environmental issues, and a sedentary lifestyle. It can be directly or
      indirectly linked to issues such as tube blockages, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome
      (PCOS), primary ovarian failure and auto-immune diseases, to name just a few.
      Your health is determined by the chemical interactions that occur in your body, and what once
      was an indirect non-hormonal effect can become a direct hormonal and or physical effect. Over
      time, small hormonally based changes to bodily functions can become locked in place, and
      sometimes this can result in irreversible physical changes (including changes to DNA). This
      is one reason why many women never receive a full diagnosis for the cause of their infertility
      – our individual biochemistries are unique, so there are so many possibilities. Genetic gene
      variants for infertility are known now, but again are slow to become the normal process of
      testing to find diagnosis of infertility – these should be mainstream….. yet again that’s another
      The advantages of the pill
      In the earlier ‘My Story: The Beginning’ chapter, I shared that I suffer from polycystic ovarian
      syndrome. PCOS sufferers naturally have increased male sex hormones (androgens –
      specifically testosterone). Androgens wreak havoc on a woman’s body by reducing its ability
      to release an egg from the ovaries (thus increasing infertility because there is no guarantee that
      an egg will be released each month for fertilisation). Women struggling with PCOS may have
      irregular menstruation, total cessation, or extremely heavy periods, so they are often prescribed
      the pill to help reduce pain and chemically regulate their menstrual cycle. However, ultimately
      this does not aid fertility.
      Also, for sufferers of endometriosis, the pill can help to reduce debilitating cramps, heavy blood
      flow and extra uterine cell growth. So, the pill can benefit many women, even if it doesn’t help
      prevent infertility. As women we need to be open, positive towards each other, and understand
      that we all have different needs, in relation to the medical advancement and creation of ‘the



      Endometriosis is a painful condition in which the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) thickens and appears outside the uterus. The endometrium’s extra cells create lesions that stick to other pelvic area organs. Affected organs can include ovaries, the outside surface of the uterus, fallopian tubes, the bowel, the vulva, the bladder and the ureter. These adhesions can affect natural processes such as going to the toilet, ovulation and sexual intercourse. 

      About the author.

      Natasha Hogan is an Infertility Advocate, Postpartum Doula, Speaker, Qualified Health Care Professional with over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.

      I am now combining my ‘medical head’ with valuable personal insights to show previously infertile mums (and mums-to-be) how to create an outrageously joy-filled journey ahead.

      Offering Support that’s completely unique:

      • Falling pregnant after infertility is not a common situation – and this book is the first, and the one and only, of its kind.
      • Forget the general books on standard pregnancy scenarios, “Pregnancy After Infertility” will guide you with your specific journey and needs.

      Natasha hogan

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